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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Kennels

Our boarding kennels are professionally designed for keeping dogs happy and healthy, we believe they are amongst the best in the country to be your pet’s holiday home. Situated just 11 miles to the East of Peterborough, we look after pets throughout East Anglia, including Whittlesey, March, Chatteris, Wisbech, Stamford and Ely. Situated next to a river, and with our large secure paddock, your pets have a peaceful, safe environment to relax, play and exercise. Despite the idyllic location, we are also very easy to travel to, being situated just off the main A605 March to Whittlesey road. Little Acre is a pet holiday sanctuary, cared for by fully trained and experienced pet lovers; we pride ourselves in the level of care and commitment we offer.

We aim to give that little bit extra, and the feedback we receive seems to confirm this. We offer a first class service to owners and pets alike as pride is taken in all aspects of the services we offer to make your pets stay as comfortable as possible.

Boarding Information

  • Kennels
  • Pet Taxi
  • Exercise
  • Security

Pet accommodation at Little Acre depends on whether you have multiple pets that you would like to share together and their size. Each kennel is separate from the others with an exercise area and a temperature monitored indoor sleeping area which is cool during the hot days, and warm on chilly nights. We also have a few family kennels which are even bigger than our usual kennels. Please call early if you wish to book one, as they are booked out exceedingly quickly.

You can also arrange to have your pet washed and groomed ready for your collection time, or can even arrange to deliver your pet to your door.

We appreciate that our clients have busy lives, and so we offer a fully insured taxi collection and delivery service for your pets.

Subject to availability and distance.

As well as having incredibly large exercise run in each kennel which are on average 70 square feet ranging up to more than double that, we also have a secure exercise paddock purely for the use of our client's pets to run around in and play on.

We will only exercise your own pets on there, or can play with them singularly if they choose not to get on with each other. We NEVER take the easy option of letting pets from different owners mix in this situation for their own security.

It is vital for us that your pet has every security option possible. As well as locked gates, 24/7 staff, the entire site is secured by a high chain linked fence. The exercise paddock is further fenced in. For additional security, the whole site is covered by CCTV and security lighting.

Further Information

  • Medical Needs
  • Feeding
  • Vaccinations

If your pet has any medical requirements, you must let us know prior to booking.

Medication will be administered by our experienced staff. It will only be administered as long as your pet does not resist or a passive administration alternative can be found (e.g. adding to food).

In the unlikely event that your pet falls ill during their stay with us, we will, in the first instance, attempt to contact you or your named contact to explain the situation, and follow that advice. Should this fail, we will contact your local vet and obtain their advice, and will follow any options you have left with us or your Vet. Vet costs will be added to your bill if necessary.

We aim to follow as closely as possible your dog's usual routine. Whether this is once or twice a day, or even more often.

We carry a small selection of popular food brands including grain-free and hypoallergenic variants.

If your dog is on a specialised diet, we can store your own supplied food as required.

We also provide treats on a daily basis. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer. If you do not want this for dietary or any other reasons, just let us know.

We usually feed once in the morning, and once in the evening. This may not be suitable for all pets due to age or health issues. Let us know and we will work with you and your pet.

We require your pet to be fully vaccinated, and we will need to see proof of this before admittance. This is not just for the safety of your own pet, but for the safety of all our other guests. Your Vet can provide all this for you.

Distemper - Hepatitis - Leptospirosis - Canine Parvovirus

Bordetella (kennel cough): Please note we have a minimum two-week time period between the Bordetella vaccine administration and arriving at Little Acre.

As pet lovers ourselves, we know how difficult it can be leaving a much-loved member of the family in the hands of strangers. We strive to help you overcome this by offering the best facilities, care and attention possible. Our clients come back year after year, so we must be doing something right!

  • Huge individual outdoor runs – on average approximately 70 square feet. That does not include the inside centrally heated feeding and sleeping area.
  • All runs are double fenced with an specially designed line-of-sight block.
  • Your pet can make new friends safely or sit quietly by themselves as they see fit.
  • Top quality hypoallergenic bedding.
  • We carry popular branded foods including grain-feed and hypoallergenic variants.
  • Administering of necessary medications and supplements.
  • Secure outside paddock for those who need a good run around on a one-to-one basis.
  • CCTV and security lighting to help keep them safe.
  • Taxi service to collect and/or deliver your pets (subject to availability/distance).
  • Full grooming service. Have your pet washed, groomed, clipped and in tip-top condition for your return.

Customer Testimonials

Here is some of our customer feedback.

Little Acre is the best kennels I have used for my lab Daisy and cats Max and Millie. Daisy loves going to Little Acre and can't wait to see Liz, David and all the staff as they all make a fuss of her. I have Daisy groomed and Max and Millie have their claws clipped while staying, as Little Acre provides a grooming service. They are brilliant and I find that I can relax on holiday and know without a doubt that Daisy, Max and Millie are in great hands.


    Daisy, Max and Millie

    We have been taking our two labradors to Little Acre for the last few years and we can thoroughly recommend it. One of our girls is almost thirteen and has severe arthritis so she needs a lot of TLC and patience which she always receives. The other one is a lively three year old with bags of energy and she loves her stays. In fact she runs in to greet David, Liz and the staff with her tail wagging! When we go away we can relax knowing that they are both being very well cared for.


      Two labs

      Ned is an hyperactive 3 year old Westscott Terrier who goes to Little Acre for his 'Holidays', he is well cared for in an excellent, friendly, dog loving family run kennels. When picking him up the on-site professional grooming staff have always ensured that Ned returns home happy and extremely smart.

        Family Run
        Family Run


        Rufus and Otis, my two cockapoos, have been going to Little Acre since they were puppies. They have enjoyed runs in the field, the utmost care, little holidays and professional grooming. I would not ever take them anywhere else, this is their second home.

          Second Home
          Second Home


          Little Acre Kennels & Cattery is a friendly family run concern, employing a hand-picked team to care for your pets welfare whilst they take their own holiday with us.